Science of Mind Symbol 1
Science of Mind Symbol
Science of Mind Symbol
Science of Mind Symbol 1

There is One, and not two. Never forget that. Anywhere in the universe, just One. That one life is the substance of everything. It is one in unity but multiple in manifestation. It is one substance from which an infinite variety of different things come but every one of those things is made out of one thing.

~ Ernest Holmes, Love and Law, page 48.2


The basis of Science of Mind was developed by Dr. Ernest Holmes. He posited, “Change your thinking; change your life.” Finding that life is an inside job, Holmes synthesized the teachings (that worked for him) of all the ancient masters, into a map to creating a life that works; a life of prosperity, health, and happiness.

The Circle V teaching symbol he created expresses creative thought (seed) condensing into form by passing through the Law of manifestation (soil and growth), into physical form (plant). The V and the three levels are encompassed within a circle. This is the symbol of Oneness. It symbolizes the infinite and eternal Power and Presence of the Divine. The V is the path of an idea, all ideas, from the Creative mind, through the laws of nature, into manifestation.

Chuck Hunner is one of very few jewelers on the planet with the license to create gold and silver jewelry with the Teaching Symbol. He has the largest selection of pendants, rings, earrings, and pins available today. Spiritual students wear these designs to show who they are without saying a word. Wearing the Science of Mind Teaching Symbol provides a touchstone to remind us of our Divine Nature.

Chuck’s made spiritually oriented jewelry since 1972. Close to retirement, he’s been at the Asheville Center for Spiritual Living since it was the Center for Creative Living in 2002. He’s was a licensed Practitioner of Religious Science since 2010. He has stepped away from being a Practitioner to devote more energy to labyrinth making. He loves sharing his designs in person at New Thought Conferences from coast to coast. With the pandemic hopefully disappearing, he’ll soon get back to these in-person gatherings. In the meantime, cruise around the website, enjoy the designs and send him an email to tell him what you want.

There is something here for you to wear on your finger, lapel, wrist, around your neck or on your ears!

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